Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Up, Up and Away!

Hey everyone,

It's been hectic at this end recently. I've been to Business Gateway to meet with an advisor and to attend some workshops. It's been so great. The advisor's there are fantastic and they've really steered me in the right direction. They provide such in depth advice, and it's all for free! It's a great resource and I would definitely recommend it to everyone with their own business.

I've been spending a lot of time writing up a business plan for DysfunctionDesigns. I should have done it last year but I guess it's better late than never. It should allow me to stay on track as well as hopefully allow me to receive some much needed funding from PSYBT. There's a few more forms to be filled in but then it's all out of my hands and I just have to wait to hear back. I'll keep you all posted as, if it happens, it'll mean that I'll have more resources to use within the business, making it an even better and more efficient service for all you fans and customers out there. It'll allow me to make the revamp EVEN bigger! With so many more new items available for you to purchase from my Etsy shop.

Speaking of which, I made a new batch of beads last night! I'm loving my new textured design (I may have said that already,hehe). This time, I made a selection of black and brown beads. A lot of my new necklaces and bracelets will consists of various shades of brown but there will also be the occasional item in a different colour. I think browns, blacks, reds, oranges and creams will be the base colours for the majority of my stock.

I'm getting really excited about the revamp. It's still on schedule for the end of Feb! The designs for the new logo and business cards are almost finalised,(I'm just getting a bit of feedback before going ahead), and the stock is being replenished on a weekly basis.

For anyone in the Glasgow or Renfrewshire area, I'll be trading at the Big Fat Jewellery fair that's being held in the Erskine Bridge Hotel on Sun 4th March. It'll be my first fair of the year so i'm looking forward to it. I have a few things to get ready for that too, but i'm hopeful it'll all be done in time. I'm hoping to book a weekend at Sloans in Glasgow sometime in March or April so i'll let you know when, but I'm already booked in for the annual fundraising event for the Glasgow Veterinary School which takes place on Sat 14th April. Would be great if you could pop along if you're in the area. It should be a fab day and hopefully the weather will be better by then.

Right, I think I've said enough for now. I'm off to tackle today's to-do list!
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