Saturday, 28 April 2012

Get Exposure. Raise Money For Charity. Develop Warm Fuzzy Feeling Inside!

Hey there,

Me again. Just wanted to write a quick post regarding a fab craft fair you should know about.
The Etsy Sellers Fair!! 
It's being held in roughly two weeks at Dawdon Community Center in Co. Durham! I won't be attending as it's a little far away, but what I did get to do was to send the some business cards which they are going to display proudly on a table DEDICATED to us crafty folks business cards! How fab is that.
They are offering everyone the oppourtunity to have their cards on the table (between 10 and 100) and all for just £2!! You don't have to be an Etsy seller and you can be involved in any craft! Your £2 will go towards raising money for a great cause   "All proceeds go to the Dawdon community centre at Seaham and it's Adventure Club for kids after school and holiday activities.".
It's a great way to show off your businesses and crafts to people who may not have heard about you before!!
You will also receive a link for 50 FREE biz cards from moo!! How amazing is that! Read enough? Head over to for all the details!! But hurry, you'll need to send your cards this week!!
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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Burgundy and Black Tribal Bracelet - �6.00

This striking tribal bracelet was made using unique wine red wooden beads. The beads have an awesome swirled pattern. I also used a selection of smooth, natural black wooden beads to add contrast.

It is a one of a kind piece and will definitely get you noticed!

An ideal item for lovers of both hippy and tribal wear

There is a matching necklace and bracelet set available in my shop...

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Friday, 6 April 2012

Brown Tribal Bracelet and Necklace Set - �14.00

This matching necklace & bracelet set is great for anyone who likes natural looking accessories.

These can be worn by either males or females as they are fairly neutral and are both elasticated.

The bracelet measures approx. 17cm and the necklace is approx. 42cm.

The lighter beads were handmade by myself using polymer clay. The have a great texture to them which goes really well w...

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Monday, 2 April 2012

The Only Way Is Up!

No, Don't worry! I'm not referring to that awfully cheesy song from the early 90s... :p

I'm talking about the recent web analytics for my Etsy shop! I'm extremely pleased to report that this year has seen a substantial growth in visitors to my shop (as well as orders :D)

I'm over the moon about this and I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who follows, fav's, tweet's and shares my shop page,facebook, twitter or my listings. I couldn't have done it without you!!
It's an awesome thing.. but it's not over yet. There's still a long way to go and I can't do it on my own...

That's why I've decided that I would like to give all of you the chance to get involved in my next marketing project. I'll be running a competition in which will one lucky winner will receive a selected unique necklace and bracelet set, as well as giving two lucky runners up a "10% off" voucher code that can be redeemed on any item in my shop!
I'll give out more details regarding the competition soon so keep your eyes peeled (and spread the word!!)

In other news... We had such nice weather here last week. I loved it. Sadly, that's probably our summer over. But if you're lucky enough to not live in a climate challenged (ok I made that up) country then check out my newest Tribal designs! They're perfect for teaming up with summer outfits or as holiday accessories. They're also ideal as festival jewellery as they're very hard wearing.(Not to mention natural :D )

Don't forget...I don't just create jewellery for the girls! Most of my items are unisex and suitable for the guys too!
All of my necklaces and bracelets are elasticated so should fit most, but if you need something in a different size just drop me a message :D

I'll update soon with details of the comp. Bye for now!
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