Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cupcakes, Biscuits & Chocolate..Oh My!

Biscuit Village Jurassic Dino Tin

The net is a great place to discover new things. Due to my massively sweet tooth I've recently discovered many online sellers who specialise in cakes and biscuits! (yum yum). The biggest drawback about finding a tonne of fabulous and delicious treats on the net is that most of them aren't in your area. Massive bummer eh?
After drooling over countless cup cakes & biscuits from US sellers I decided to go on a hunt to find some awesome treats a little closer to home.
I'm based just outside Glasgow so I zoned in on British sellers. All these shops provide quick delivery within the UK.

The first awesome shop I'll be talking about is Biscuit Village...(
I stumbled upon this fabulous shop via the awesome Dino biscuits (shown to the left). Biscuit village use fresh and organic ingredients to create fun and funky edibles. They have a fabulous range and even do personalised biscuits and custom orders.

I discovered these fabulous chocolate bunnies by Choklet via WowThankYou ( Choklet is a small business based in Nottinghamshire who create fabulously fun chocolate shapes decorated with bright and fun designs. Their milk chocolate designs come in a range of great shapes including flowers,cars and numbers and they also offer personalised messages. Choklet provide unique and affordable edible treats for all occasions.

Lastly i'd like to mention Lush Buns! ( I have them added on my facebook page and i'm constantly seeing updates of yummy looking cupcakes and cake pops! Their cupcakes are both simple and elegant allowing them to provide their customers with high quality and affordable handmade products. They also do a fabulous "big one". A giant cupcake that serves 12-16 people!
Not only do Lush Buns make fabulous cakes but they also supply them in a range of quantities to suit you and they have a very reasonable minimum order.(I'm sure you'd have no problem reaching it!) The shipping charges are also very reasonable.
This is just a taster (ha ha!) of the range of cakes and biscuits available online within the UK. It's now easier than ever to get hand made quality(and even personalised) products delivered straight to your door!
If you have tried any of these products please feel free to comment below, or even if you just enjoyed reading about them. If you have any other suggestions for UK based cake sellers I'd be more than happy to discover them :)
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