Monday, 2 May 2011

Sunglasses at the ready!

Hey everyone,

I have just created a treasury collection on Etsy so thought i'd share it on here and give a little insight to why I picked some of the items. For those who don't know, a treasury on Etsy is a collection of items chosen by a user to fit in with a specific topic or theme that has been chosen by that user. It should not feature any items made by the user and it gives sellers a chance to get their items seen by a bigger , or at least a different audience.

I love all 16 of the items I featured in the collection, but my favourite has to be the Peace and Music Camper van print! I have a secret love for all things hippy-ish and for me it really sums up the summer vibe. It's not just the van itself that makes this picture, it's the whole setting...especially with the sun just breaking through the trees. Its a very cheery picture and makes me think of far off adventures and having a great sense of freedom. Looking at it fills me with a warm contentedness. This print can be found here - Peace and music campervan

The item that started off my treasury was this adorable toddler blanket. As soon as I saw it I fell in
love with it! The colours and the print are just stunning and I think this would be a perfect present for any little nephews(or niece!) or cousins. It also looks extremely comfy and well made and comes in a very generous size. You can find this item here -Dino Toddler Blanket

I think it must be all this good weather we're having which is making me appreciate brighter colours and it's having an effect on my shop too! Before now I had mostly been focusing on creating Gothic, antique and tribal themed items but since starting to make my own fimo beads I have been experimenting more with  brighter colours such as oranges and yellows.

The last item I want to talk about is this wonderful little upcycled crochet bowl. The colours are fabulous and it is a little in keeping with the hippy theme as it is
very eco friendly as well as being very pretty and practical. I am a very big fan of crochet and I enjoy seeing new and varied creations that are possible using this craft. I have dabbled in this craft myself, but so far have stuck mostly to scarves and blankets. This lovely little item can be found here - Upcycled Tie Dyed Bowl.

I really enjoyed making this treasury and hope you enjoy looking at it.
You can find the full treasury here - Sunglasses at the ready!
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  1. Your colours really pop off the page, great selections.