Sunday, 15 May 2011

To stick or not to stick...

When I first started my jewellery business I was creating all kinds of jewellery from gold bracelets with pearls to tribal bracelets with skulls, following every idea that came into my head. I didn't really have any kind of direction in mind, I simply new I wanted to create jewellery.
After a while, having read numerous blog posts and seller interviews, I managed to focus my jewellery making into a more concentrated area. I decided that my creations would fall around the categories of Gothic, Tribal and Antique. I chose these as they were the ones that I enjoyed working with most. I felt that my passion for creating items that fell into these categories would show in the quality of my work and I believe it has done. Having this focus has allowed me to be more creative. I am constantly looking for new ideas and sources of inspiration and sometimes this leads me off the path slightly. I have started to create my own fimo beads which I use in necklaces and bracelets. These generally don't fall into any of the previously mentioned categories but I feel such a great sense of achievement when I finish a piece that is truly hand made. Creating jewellery is a great experience, but creating my own beads as well is something else. I'd say my business is still fairly new and I have learned that I shouldn't be afraid of trying new things or trying to keep all my jewellery in the one category. The only way we can learn and grow is to try new things, make mistakes, and see what works.

I will always try to envisage my target market and create items geared towards them but there is no rule that says your target market cannot change. I would rather enjoy the creative process and come up with jewellery that I have put my heart and soul into than make the same kind of jewellery over and over again just so my shop can constantly stay within the same genre. I do not want to sell half-hearted creations. I do not want to follow trends and simply provide products that are already saturated in the jewellery market. I want to create. To provide new and exciting pieces that my customers can be happy to wear. If I do not enjoy creating an item then I am wary about selling it as I know that it may not be up to the standard of my other work. It's not a total loss when this happens though as it allows me to discover what I am passionate about creating and what I'm not. It lets me focus more on the things I love and hopefully allows me to create a higher standard of jewellery.
I do love making jewellery and if I ever manage to make my business successful enough so that it becomes my career then I feel I would be truly blessed and extremely lucky. I can imagine nothing better than doing something for a living that is this enjoyable, as well as the feeling that I get from providing products to my customers that they can love and enjoy too. I'd like to sign off with the following quote...

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants. - Isaac Newton
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