Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Time flies...

I can't believe it's been over two months since my last update! I'm really sorry about that. I've no idea where the time goes these days!

I hit a bit of a low period with my jewellery around mid July as I wasn't doing too well with the online selling and I was attending craft fairs that had very few people coming through the doors so it hit me hard and I started losing my drive to create.

Thankfully, my motivation has returned, along with another craft fair and i've been creating like crazy!!

I've been trying out some new ideas and just having fun with it again. I think I forget that it's supposed to be enjoyable sometimes. I'll hopefully be listing items a lot more regularly on Etsy than I have been previously and ill hopefully be providing a slightly more varied range of jewellery.

My latest creation is the first bracelet I've designed using several different types of beads. I had so much fun making it and I can't wait to see who buys it. Most of the beads are handmade by myself using clay but there are also plastic and wooden beads added in to give the bracelet some really interesting textures.

I've also been experimenting with my product photos. Nothing beats daylight for great images, but I like to try other things to see what effects I can get. I enlisted the help of GerryQuiff Photography for a jewellery shoot last month. I had some lovely models who volunteered to help out and I got some pretty awesome pictures that I'm using for advertising. You can see some of them on my Etsy shop.

This coming weekend (Sept 3rd and 4th) I'll be attending the Merchant Square Craft Fair. I've been to this one before but this weekend is a bit different as they're raising money for the STV Appeal. I think STV will also be carrying out some interviews and such with traders ,so fingers crossed I get a chance to show off my jewellery or talk a little about it. If you're in the area it'd be great if you could come along as you'd have the chance to help out a great cause, as well as getting a look at a lot of different traders as there's bound to be many in attendance.

That's all for this update but i'll try to update again soon. (I think I'll need to set a reminder for myself so I don't forget! hehe) Thanks for reading :)

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