Saturday, 12 May 2012

DysfunctionDesigns is branching out!

That's right! I've been selling online for over a year and I've now managed to find a shop that would like to stock my jewellery! A real live shop! How awesome is that! :)

I've been in touch with the owner of Feel The Ride, in Paisley. It's an awesome skate shop (With a ramp!) and they have said they'd be happy to get involved.Within the next week or so, everything will be finalised and the first pieces of Dysfunctiondesigns jewellery will be on show and on sale in this fab shop!

I'm so psyched! I'm hoping it'll be the first of many and over the coming months I'll be in touch with various tattoo studios, skate/surf shops and various other places to see if they'd like to join in! If you know of anywhere that might be interested (around the Renfrewshire/Glasgow area preferably, but further a field will be considered) then just give me a shout!

I will of course be continuing to sell on Etsy and Folksy. Items added frequently, so keep checking back.
I've also decided to cut down on the number of craft fairs I attend as the people who were attending weren't really the people who my jewellery is aimed at, so it's a waste of my time and theirs! However! There has been a cancellation at the fab Ayrshire Arts & Craft fair in Troon on 9th June so I will be once again trading there. I love that fair! Head over if you're in the area..hell,even if you're not - make the trip! It's free and there's tonnes of fab stalls! Plus, it'll be June, so fingers crossed it'll be an awesome sunny day :D
See you there!

P.S Anyone who buys from my Etsy shop today will receive a PERSONALISED voucher code for a whopping 30% off ALL FUTURE ORDERS! - For Life!! I'm just to good to you!! Buy now!
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